Steam's freebie: Starfield meets No Man's Sky

Steam’s freebie: Starfield meets No Man’s Sky

Steam’s freebie: Starfield meets No Man’s Sky


With rising costs of living, finding ways to cut spending wherever we can is always important. Luckily, this free Steam game that combines Starfield and No Man’s Sky provides us with exactly that option!

One of the hallmarks of Starfield and No Man’s Sky are their freedom of exploration features as we journey across space in search of amazing new discoveries, visiting many wondrous planets along the way. No matter which game you pick, either will provide hours of exciting entertainment.

Starfield impressed us in our review, where we noted: “Your journey will leave you mesmerized and will captivate players for months or even years to come – here lies an arena in which to create whatever persona you desire, where players can express themselves freely – something Starfield continues to hold true today!” We cannot stop thinking about its wondrous mysteries!

Phantom Galaxies from Blowfish Studios combines Starfield and No Man’s Sky into one exciting Sci-fi adventure game available for free now in early access, featuring online co-op as well as PvP gameplay with four distinct Starfighter classes equipped with unique weapons and gear to battle lawless pirate factions in war-torn space! According to its official description.

Phantom Galaxies may feature microtransactions and, according to Steam user reviews, even Network Forked Transactions. That being said, players should find plenty of enjoyment without shelling out too much cash just for entertainment purposes.

Phantom Galaxies is currently only available on PC with no console release planned at present.

Steam’s freebie: Starfield meets No Man’s Sky
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