The Sims 5 set includes multiplayer components.
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The Sims 5 set includes multiplayer components.

The Sims 5 set includes multiplayer components.


With The Sims 5, also dubbed Project Rene, fast approaching, eager Simmers are anticipating all its new features that may make its way into this popular life simulation franchise. According to an interview done recently with one of its developers, multiplayer gameplay could also be planned in this installment of The Sims franchise.

Maxis’ next installment, The Sims 5, remains under development but we know very little about its progress. Expected to be an important evolution of its predecessors, its development team have recently expressed hopes that multiplayer mode might also be included – this would mark its debut. If successful, The Sims 5 may set new standards in social simulation gaming!

Lyndsay Pearson, Maxis’ Vice President of Franchise Creative spoke to Radio Times recently regarding this development.

“Our intent with multiplayer is certainly to introduce it, not in an intimidating, intimidating, strangers-abound way but how might people want to interact together and do some play together, with all kinds of possible flavor variations imaginable; so we are exploring various avenues there.”

Pearson elaborates, explaining that Maxis team has enjoyed exploring all the various possibilities presented in The Sims 5 since social can mean so much; she compares their goals for multiplayer mode development with that of Animal Crossing as examples of similar goals being met by The Maxis team.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to visit each other’s islands freely as well as shop their island shops – something similar could be added into The Sims 5 as we could welcome friends into our homes for the first time outside of modding!

No word yet on whether The Sims 5 will offer multiplayer capabilities; however, its development stages provide us with plenty of exciting glimpses at what could potentially appear when released later on in its timeline.

The Sims 5 set includes multiplayer components.
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