Starfield: Todd Howard provides support update.

Starfield: Todd Howard provides support update.

Starfield: Todd Howard provides support update.


Bethesda’s Todd Howard provided clarity regarding their current development team still working on Starfield. With Bethesda starting work on Elder Scrolls V and Starfield seeing players move away, it was necessary for Howard to publicly state that there remains developer support for Starfield at this time.

Starfield fans have recently seen their game take an unfortunate tumble, from being dissed at the 2023 Game Awards and player counts steadily declining below that of Skyrim to being dissed entirely at an awards show, it doesn’t look good for Starfield.

Todd Howard has become one of Bethesda’s go-to guys when an announcement needs to be made or when community needs reassuring, so it was no shock when he told fans of Starfield updates and patches being completed by Bethesda team – this news coming after such limited updates have been provided for years!

Howard making an appearance should encourage players to keep playing or return when the game receives additional updates in future updates.

Todd Howard of Bethesda made this comment during an interview with Wired: Around 250 developers (roughly 55% of Bethesda’s development staff) remain assigned to Starfield development despite its cancellation by Electronic Arts (EA).

What this means for Starfield is, at least temporarily, more additions and tweaks will likely come our way. Similar support saved Fallout 76 from its initial poor performance several years ago; perhaps similar progress will take place with Starfield before slowly shifting over to work on Elder Scrolls 5.

Starfield: Todd Howard provides support update.
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