GTA 5 Leak Reveals Canceled Story Expansion

GTA 5 Leak Reveals Canceled Story Expansion

GTA 5 Leak Reveals Canceled Story Expansion


GTA VI may garner plenty of buzz these days, making it easy to overlook Grand Theft Auto V – its predecessor in this franchise.

Well, let’s be clear; no fan of GTA V will easily forget its release two decades ago or its subsequent instalments such as San Andreas and Vice City. Fans still discuss these games even today after so much time has gone by!

After years of speculation and rumor mill speculation, Rockstar Games finally put us all out of our misery by announcing that GTA VI’s first official trailer would drop early December.

Grand Theft Auto IV came out in 2008 and quickly earned itself the distinction of one of the greatest video games ever, earning itself an astounding Metacritic score of 98. Personally, I enjoy GTA IV very much; but Roman Belic never ceases pestering me within its world!

One of the hallmarks of GTA IV were its two expansion packs – The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Unfortunately, despite the enormous success of those expansions in terms of player engagement, Rockstar Games never followed through with single player content updates for GTA V; all their efforts post launch went towards building up GTA Online instead.

Insider Gaming reported that in addition to details regarding Bully 2, plans existed at one point for GTA V to receive single player DLC. As discovered by Twitter account @billsyliamgta files discovered within the game mention ‘Cops N’ Crooks’ DLC as well as character classes including Enforcers, Soldiers and Hackers among many more.

Assumptions on what this DLC was may include story DLC where players controlled either an untrustworthy policeman, such as Officer Tenpenny played by Samuel L. Jackson from GTA: San Andreas; or cops and robbers-inspired content created for GTA Online that may or may not have been cancelled after George Floyd died in 2020.

As for what the future of GTA holds, Grand Theft Auto VI should arrive sometime between 2024-2025 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

GTA 5 Leak Reveals Canceled Story Expansion
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