Warzone has become unplayable following Modern Warfare 3's release.

Warzone has become unplayable following Modern Warfare 3’s release.

Warzone has become unplayable following Modern Warfare 3’s release.


Activision may believe all publicity to be positive; unfortunately, that has not been their experience following the release of Modern Warfare III. Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Warzone appears to have become “unplayable” since MWIII hit store shelves.

Warzone has long been one of the more beloved Call of Duty maps, and Season 6 is currently running smoothly. Unfortunately, with plans to incorporate Warzone into MWIII as part of their Season One update causing its servers to experience numerous bugs such as packet bursts.

“Trying to play some Warzone tonight and the packet burst is absolutely horrendous – not remotely playable!” wrote one fan to a Reddit thread detailing its glitchy state since MWIII. Other fans complained of packet bursts occurring with every gun pickup or kill/scorestreak: respawn, gun pickup pickup kill/scorestreak scoring streak along with every gun pickup/gun pickup kill/scorestreak kill streak in both Warzone and MWIII PC with packet bursts being plagued upon all sides by bursts during each gun pickup gun pickup or kill/scorestreak kill streak killing streak! One gamer revealed “I get packet bursts every game in Respawn on PC.”

Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse since players began hailing Warzone 3 as “best battle royale ever” before its official release date. Activision may regain their former momentum soon unless these issues are rectified, though blame game tactics and speculation about who or what caused MWIII’s shortcomings are rampant on social media like vultures circling dead carcasses.

With Modern Warfare III now being officially the worst-rated game ever released from Call of Duty, Warzone may escape that embarrassment; yet should these issues persist, we could soon witness its eventual fall from its perch on which it has perched for so long.

Warzone has become unplayable following Modern Warfare 3’s release.
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