PlayStation is being sued for $7 billion over store prices.

PlayStation is being sued for $7 billion over store prices.

PlayStation is being sued for $7 billion over store prices.


Sony stands as one of the great technology industry giants on Earth and one of the main reasons behind their immense success lies with its PlayStation console brand.

In 1994, Sony introduced their original PlayStation, forever altering console landscape and becoming one of SEGA and Nintendo’s fierce rivals – eventually joined by Microsoft too. Unfortunately for SEGA fans though, that brand no longer competes in console market; their focus now solely lies on making games since Dreamcast’s demise in 2001.

As console generations developed, so too would PlayStation, with the PS2 being released in 2000. Digital stores had not completely entered the picture at this point in history but with Microsoft Marketplace for Xbox 360 users and PlayStation Network on PS3 users starting up soon after (both (2005). Now the industry shift was upon them! Digital storefronts like these offer instant purchasing of videogames or DLC without leaving home or waiting for delivery – yet physical content will always have its place within my household!

My only gripe about digital stores is that games still sell at full RRP; unlike physical media which incurs overhead expenses such as packaging, distribution and marketing costs; digital media has less of these expenses but still must incur overhead expenses such as licensing. As with physical media however, its maximum RPP remains intact, meaning it might be wiser to wait for discounted sales whenever they appear before making your decision.

As reported by Kotaku, in August 2022 a lawsuit was lodged against Sony in the UK alleging overcharging of content when purchasing it through PlayStation Store. As per Kotaku reports, London Tribunal escalated this case against their will, potentially forcing Sony to pay out around $7.9 billion (roughly PS6.3 billion) as compensation to UK customers if this lawsuit proves successful. Unfortunately for Sony they’ve made decisions such as increasing PS Plus subscription prices which did not go over well with them and their customer base as reported by Kotaku earlier this month.

Sony allegedly makes it difficult for third parties to sell on its digital store and charges an exorbitant 30% commission rather than offering lower costs and passing savings onto customers. Sony tried appealing the lawsuit but its attempts fell flat after failing to convince the Competition Appeal Tribunal of this. They noted Sony had failed “to establish that [its complaints have no reasonable basis/prospect of success at trial.”

Stay tuned as soon as we learn of any further updates to this story. We promise!

PlayStation is being sued for $7 billion over store prices.
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