PlayStation Plus users praise must-play "classic RPG".

PlayStation Plus users praise must-play “classic RPG”.

PlayStation Plus users praise must-play “classic RPG”.


PlayStation Plus has come under attack lately, particularly after it dropped November games, yet classic titles can still be discovered by looking past all the criticism from disgruntled gamers.

PS Plus users have heaped much praise upon Grandia, an “old school RPG”. As one of fourteen free games included in November update’s Free Game Pass offering, some gamers may have missed its potential, while others quickly discovered its depths.

No game, with the possible exception of Skies of Arcadia, has quite captured that whimsical feeling of adventure as much as Grandia,” commented one fan on a Reddit thread for Grandia. You truly feel as if you’re traveling somewhere new on an incredible journey – fantastic game that easily stands as its best in series.”

Grandia HD first launched as an RPG back in 1997 and saw another remaster released recently – though with slightly improved graphics than its 1990s counterpart! If this great RPG is unfamiliar to you, its original launch took place back in 1997 before its HD remaster was made available for re-play this year on Steam. Players found themselves mesmerised by its action packed pixels; on Steam this game holds a very positive rating with players enjoying its action-filled pixels with “very positive reviews”, with players loving its “very positive” ratings due to these action-packed pixels! Likewise with both its versions, players find enjoyment while players find both versions.

Are aesthetic concerns behind many PlayStation gamers’ lack of enthusiasm for this game, with some even considering cancelling membership after its latest games collection? We certainly hope not, since that would be such a shame as one fan declared their appreciation of it: “One of my all time favorite RPGs. Don’t wanna spoil anything for you; trust me you will love it! Just remember Justin always stays with your party so if unsure who to build for something such as magic power-ups he makes an excellent option”.

Now is your opportunity to experience what Grandia can bring: an adventure like no other! As this title remains free to play, make the most out of playing this thrilling journey that has so inspired its peers!

PlayStation Plus users praise must-play “classic RPG”.
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