Steam announces highly requested PlayStation feature

Steam announces highly requested PlayStation feature

Steam announces highly requested PlayStation feature


Steam has finally added additional support features for gamers using PlayStation controllers – and it took them long enough!

Steam provides gamers with a platform for PC games, but many gamers opt to use controllers rather than mouse and keyboard because the game requires it. Some even prefer it out of personal preference!

However, controller technology continues to advance every year with Sony leading the charge with advancements to its DuelSense controllers.

The PlayStation 5 controller features adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, gyroscope and speaker functionality that is great when used with its console counterpart; unfortunately none of it worked on Steam until now! Valve announced several weeks ago that DuelSense support would soon arrive as part of an update and we now see its implementation live on their platform.

Steam Store pages have been modified to identify which games support PS5 controller support and allow for searches filtered to specifically include titles designed to work best when played using this type of controller.

Come November, we may finally see Xbox offer its own enhanced controller to compete with PlayStation’s premium offerings in terms of added features and controller innovation. PlayStation already had one of the top controllers out there when it comes to additional functionality; Xbox’s response could come sooner rather than later with improved controls of its own.

Xbox’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, now finalised, made headlines last summer due to leaks revealing some of its future hardware projects, including an unusual design console variation and controller equipped with all of the capabilities of PlayStation DuelSense.

Coupled with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s additional functional options, and there’s even greater incentive than before to ensure as many platforms support controllers.

Now is the time to install Steam’s latest patch and take advantage of new support options! Install now to benefit!

Steam announces highly requested PlayStation feature
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