Starfield Mod adds hardcore survival mode

Starfield Mod adds hardcore survival mode

Starfield Mod adds hardcore survival mode


Starfield may divide fans, but that doesn’t mean its planet-hopping adventure won’t still provide entertainment – particularly when modders get involved to extend its longevity further.

Bethesda could never reach its current success without modders. We don’t mean to suggest they lack experience making games; Skyrim currently boasts more players than Starfield shows just that; but much of what Bethesda doesn’t finish is picked up and finished by fans themselves.

“Starvival: Immersive Survival Addon” has quickly caught players’ imagination due to its stringent survival criteria that requires them to eat, drink and rest like in real life – no skipping meals without consequences here (something we would advise against anyway!).

Once installed and activated, Starfield introduces you to its Needs Mechanism; your “Starborn will have needs for food, thirst and rest ranging from moderately harmless penalties all the way up to critically serious penalties – each NEED has several degrees of penalties; from mildly harmless ones up to life threatening ones”. While this may appear easy enough at first glance, as evidenced by our modder’s extensive list of responses provided to Starborn players.

Sleep restores fatigue (read additional info below); food only restores hunger; beverages (excluding alcohol ) restore thirst but may also relieve fatigue, especially energy drinks or coffee; stronger drinks worsen these indicators, though rare instances could provide additional energy boost.” Additionally, they suggest drug usage worsen indicators but unlike alcohol beverages they reduce ALL three indicators of NEEDS and are divided into gradations depending on their impact on needs.”

Soon enough, you may wish you’d encountered cosmic horror like another gamer did during their playthrough! However, this experience might not be suitable for fainthearted gamers; if that describes you then stick with vanilla gameplay and avoid activating hardcore survival modes; Bethesda assures its fans it remains invested in its success but that there won’t be to worry about survival threats quite yet!

Starfield Mod adds hardcore survival mode
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