Genshin Impact brings increased drop rates to new event.

Genshin Impact brings increased drop rates to new event.

Genshin Impact brings increased drop rates to new event.


Genshin Impact’s limited-time event runs from November 28 to December 19, 2023 with special character drops receiving increased drop rates, such as weapons exclusive to this special offer.

Hoyolab developers Mihoyo recently made an announcement through Hoyolab detailing which characters would receive these drop rate boosts, with event exclusive five-star characters such as Cyno and Kamisato Ayato receiving these benefits, alongside five-star weapons such as Staff of Scarlet Sands polearm and Haran Geppaku Futsu sword gaining this treatment as well.

Players will notice drop rate increases for four-star characters like Kirara, Kuki Shinobu and Xiangling; their weapons also benefiting including Lion’s Roar sword, “Favonius Greatsword”, claymore; Favonius Lance” polearm; The Widsith” catalyst and Favonius Warbow”.

The post makes clear that event-exclusive characters and weapons will not be included in a standard “wanderlust invocation” wish. Furthermore, Character Event Wish and Character Event Wish-2 both share an independent wish guarantee count that cannot be combined with all other wishes; players hoping their accumulated guarantees would become usable must continue grinding to increase it during this three-week event.

Beyond increased drop rates, players should expect an exciting ‘Test Run’ trial event! It promises an unique challenge by forcing players to complete trial chambers using fixed line ups of trial characters – and successful completion can provide rewards! While we don’t know when or if these challenges may return after this particular event concludes.

The epitomized path can help players plot a course towards five-star polearm and sword weapons with more information available via game by going into their wish screen and selecting “details” at the bottom left corner.

Genshin Impact brings increased drop rates to new event.
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