Modern Warfare 3 fans demand revision of "dumbest camo challenge."

Modern Warfare 3 fans demand revision of “dumbest camo challenge.”

Modern Warfare 3 fans demand revision of “dumbest camo challenge.”


Modern Warfare 3 fans are calling for changes to a camo challenge that’s becoming difficult to complete, in an effort to help improve it and facilitate completion.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer offers players several camouflages to unlock, making certain missions simpler to accomplish based on which guns and weapons players choose.

With Season 1 set to release later this month, many are making progress toward mastery camos which require players to use all weapons available – particularly frustrating fans trying to secure Interstellar designs.

Once faced with difficulties attempting to complete RGL 80 grenade launcher challenges, user QuantumRavage took to Reddit in an effort to vent their disappointment and express their feelings of helplessness.


“This challenge in the game is absolutely ridiculous! After three hours and only having destroyed three Bouncing Bettys or Claymores so far.” This must also be unlocked from armoury in order to remain operational.

Players trying to complete the challenge have taken further measures in order to encourage others to help. According to one player: “I joined free-for-all matches with RGL80 set as my clan tag and asked someone if they would trade claymores with me.” With cooperation among all involved, Modern Warfare 3 players are making great strides forward toward finishing what may well be its hardest camo challenge yet.

The RGL 80 camo challenge only works if all fired grenades hit claymore mines or proximity mines; otherwise it might take multiple matches until opponents include such items in their loadouts.

QuantumRavage suggests, to enhance the challenge, accounting for all equipment such as claymore mines, proximity mines, scatter mines, shock sticks and field upgrades – with an aim towards keeping requirements down to 15″.

Modern Warfare 3 fans demand revision of “dumbest camo challenge.”
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