One fan believes GTA 8 may soon arrive.

One fan believes GTA 8 may soon arrive.

One fan believes GTA 8 may soon arrive.


Due to Grand Theft Auto VI being in everyone’s minds due to an anticipated trailer release, one fan appears to be anticipating even further ahead by predicating Grand Theft Auto VIII!

GTA VI fans have had quite an exciting few months. Rumours about announcement dates kept changing before finally receiving official Rockstar news of an early December trailer debuting for Grand Theft Auto VI and excitement levels are high in anticipation.

But one fan may have gone too far when posting to r/GTA6_NEW to share their theory on Grand Theft Auto’s next title – Grand Theft Auto 8. Accompanied by screenshots spanning Grand Theft Auto II from 1997 and up through Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, they suggest: “Horrible Take: They will call it GTA 8 since its the eighth game. Yes, I realize my theory is wrong and should feel ashamed that they posted this.”

Although the theory seems far-fetched, stranger things have happened and other contributors began guessing at what the sixth instalment might be called. One speculated: “What if they oversimplify it so much they just call it 6?” With GTA VI being such an anticipated game and part of such an iconic franchise as Grand Theft Auto’s legacy being so familiar a name they might get away with it.

Rockstar Games has promised us just weeks away until releasing the initial trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI (or VIII), creating tremendous anticipation amongst fans worldwide. After years of speculation and rumor mill mutterings we will finally gain some answers before waiting again until its eventual release sometime down the road.

One fan believes GTA 8 may soon arrive.
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