PlayStation Plus announces drop of $120 worth of free games

PlayStation Plus announces drop of $120 worth of free games

PlayStation Plus announces drop of $120 worth of free games


PlayStation Plus recently unveiled their final Essential Tier Free Game Drop of 2023 and I believe they have selected an impressive list that should meet or surpass fan expectations, though some might consider it less than stellar. Overall though I consider this release a triumph!

Before we delve into what will launch on 5 December, let me just remind you that November’s offerings – Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Alien Fireteam Elite – should still be picked up before being replaced by December’s offerings – Mafia II is particularly worth purchasing for those familiar with Grand Theft Auto; with vehicle chases, shootouts and police wanted systems similar to Rockstar’s iconic franchise it should feel right at home here! Soon we can expect another $120 lineup with multiple offerings available before being replaced by December 5th; don’t delay your selections of these November offerings as you could miss out before.

PlayStation Plus’ essential tier December drop features LEGO 2K Drive, Sable and Powerwash Simulator as part of its December essential drop. Reddit user Big-Teddy pointed out that these games total approximately $119.97 to purchase; LEGO 2K Drive typically retails for $69.99 on new generations while Powerwash Simulator and Sable both typically go for $24.99.

This list is based on RRP; although these games might have been on sale or discounted price. Still, you’d make far greater savings by downloading them via PlayStation Plus – my review of LEGO 2K Drive showed how enjoyable and rewarding its microtransactions could be while having plenty of fun without spending a single cent extra!

Sable has been highly recommended to me on several occasions and it would be remiss of me not to play it yet – while Powerwash Simulator remains one of my all-time favourite games; having once only been noticed by a select few and now become such an enjoyable, relaxing pastime, I know there will surely be something here that appeals.

PlayStation Plus announces drop of $120 worth of free games
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