Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this striking RPG

Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this striking RPG

Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this striking RPG


If you enjoy Skyrim and Elden Ring, and want something else similar in Dragon’s Dogma 2, be sure to keep an eye out for its release this fall.

Starfield may have disappointed some players, but its release remains epic and still provides hours of fun. That being said, I understand why Starfield didn’t quite satisfy all Skyrim players: Starfield doesn’t just represent Skyrim in space like some had assumed; rather it offers its own distinct experience entirely different than it might appear to be at first glance. Furthermore, Elden Ring players may long for something fresh; since Shadow of Erdtree DLC expansion announcement all we know so far is concept art for Shadow of Erdtree DLC expansion; that could happen next week at Game Awards 2017 event; until then I recommend Skyrim/Elden Ring players to check out Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 looks incredible so far from its gameplay we’ve witnessed thus far. Recently, we saw an in-depth reveal with 30 minutes of gameplay as well as its release date: 22 March 2024 (Xbox One S/S console, PS5, PC).

No need to fret if you missed the original Dragon’s Dogma: the second game takes place in an alternate reality and introduces new stories, characters and factions; newcomers are welcome as fans! However, those familiar with its first edition may feel somewhat more at home within its world lore.

Similar to its predecessor, players assume the role of Arisen who have had their heart stolen by an evil dragon. Your task will be to hunt it down, kill it off and retrieve your heart – this game uses an innovative “pawn mechanic,” where hireable allies appear throughout the world for your use as allies in this exciting quest – make this one part of your 2024 must-play list for sure!

Skyrim meets Elden Ring in this striking RPG
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