Steam's top game will soon receive an enormous free download.

Steam’s top game will soon receive an enormous free download.

Steam’s top game will soon receive an enormous free download.


Steam’s library is filled with so many fantastic games that many may pass you by unnoticed; one of its largest releases, however, will soon receive an impressive free download offer.

Bay 12 Games’ Dwarf Fortress on PC will soon get its free Adventure Mode update bringing with it “limitless opportunities for player narratives”. The developers say this update could bring endless story possibilities that allow for endless player stories!

Adventure Mode provides players the chance to create and freely roam a character they have built their home within Fortress Mode save, or start fresh in an entirely newly generated world. Furthermore, this update brings quality-of-life enhancements for one of Steam’s most beloved titles.

One of the quality-of-life improvements to Steam RPG is giving its characters faces. Though seemingly minor, this adds greatly to player immersion. Furthermore, these will not just be generic faces designed by Bay 12 Games artists for authenticity purposes – instead each character’s description will reflect in their facial structure as part of this improvement process.

Dwarf Fortress will soon see a brand-new interface which aims to engage player conversations and form lasting bonds with NPCs like never before. Furthermore, its world map has also seen noticeable enhancements with changes to roads, towns and houses which add depth and dimension to this popular RPG experience.

Combat will also receive an extensive overhaul, both visually and mechanically with updated wrestling mechanics. “This change may encourage those who once avoided grappling to embrace it more fully and look forward to engaging in grapple matches,” notes a blog post on Dwarf Fortress Steam page. Additionally, fighting as an individual or directing your party in tactical mode adds another exciting layer of engagement with its world!

Dwarf Fortress can now be purchased digitally on PC using Steam and will feature its free Adventure Mode update in April 2024.

Steam’s top game will soon receive an enormous free download.
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