Fallout TV Series receives first official teaser trailer.

Fallout TV Series receives first official teaser trailer.

Fallout TV Series receives first official teaser trailer.


Yesterday Amazon Prime Video offered fans their first look at the live-action Fallout series with a two-minute teaser trailer.

Amazon and Bethesda released on-set photos from Fallout this week, dispelling any uncertainty as to the show being an accurate adaptation of its predecessor RPG game series.

Images released with this announcement depicted the series’ new protagonist and provided glimpses into post-apocalyptic Los Angeles as well as some soldiers wearing iconic Power Armour and possibly playing major roles on-screen. Ghoul characters may play key roles throughout.

Now, taking a closer look at the full trailer shows us some of these characters in action and I must say it looks absolutely fantastic, giving HBO’s The Last Of Us an intense rival in terms of faithful adaptation.

At the outset of any Fallout game, the main character stands before their vault’s massive metal door that slides open revealing war-ravaged landscape left after nuclear attacks have hit Earth. When she ventures outside her vault door she encounters some trouble before being helped out of it by someone wearing an orange coat who warns her about this harsh world she has just entered.

Below this are a series of shots set to the sublime music of Nat King Cole, set against I Don’t Want To See Tomorrow – featuring Brotherhood of Steel members, Western-style shootouts and horrific mutant creatures who call the wasteland their home.

No doubt about it; the team behind this show have truly outdone themselves when it comes to recreating Fallout games in every aspect – sets, costumes, combat scenes and those classic tunes are all there!

Fans won’t have long to wait either; Amazon Prime Video will host its premier of Fallout TV Series on 12 April 2024.

Fallout TV Series receives first official teaser trailer.
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