God of War ancient Egypt setting teased for sequel

God of War ancient Egypt setting teased for sequel

God of War ancient Egypt setting teased for sequel


Egypt appears to be Kratos’ next target, as hinted by the latest God Of War expansion.

Santa Monica Studios made an unexpected announcement at The Game Awards that God Of War Ragnarok would receive free DLC years after its initial release date.

God Of War Ragnarok: Valhalla DLC takes Kratos and Mimir on an exciting roguelike adventure through Nordic afterlife that lasts longer than Call Of Duty this year, providing new stories, weapons, abilities to use as well as teases on what else could come later within God Of War universe.

Kratos began his adventures in Greece where he slaughtered its pantheon before moving to Midgard for what would ideally have been a simpler existence – however that didn’t turn out that well either as after killing some Norse gods, fans are wondering which other cultures Kratos will visit next.

Twitter user Pyro5 may have discovered an explanation, having noticed what appears to be pyramids buried deep within Valhalla expansion’s background.

Commenters noted that Kratos has already visited Egypt despite not appearing in one of his video games; rather he briefly visited and left Egypt during his exile – although this could easily be altered into an actual game by way of continuity changes.

Santa Monica Studios may have their sights set on Egypt for Kratos’ next journey; as both games set there have hinted of other places for him to conquer and save.

Now that Kratos has accepted his destiny as one of a god of hope rather than war, he may return to Egypt in an effort to assist its inhabitants while potentially angering its gods in the process.

God of War ancient Egypt setting teased for sequel
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