Steam 12 new freebies you can play right now

Steam 12 new freebies you can play right now

Steam 12 new freebies you can play right now


Who doesn’t enjoy free video game playing? Well if that describes your ideal scenario here are 12 titles on Steam which offer no-cost fun right now that can be downloaded and enjoyed right now.

Pre-launch trailers can often be deceptive; one example being The Day Before. I think it would be fair to say that its initial trailers did not accurately portray its final product before its demise only days after its debut.

Thank goodness some video games provide playable demos as an attempt to give us the best representation of whether a certain title would warrant parting with our hard-earned dollars.

Steam offers many playable demos available to be downloaded free, so we curated this list to showcase some of the newest PC offerings on this platform. Below are 12 playable demos that could appeal to your taste:

Footgun: Underground is an arcade style Roguelike meets Soccer [*football]. Explore this strange, pixel-art underground world as you pass each station filled with dangerous creatures while upgrading your arsenal with deadly balls after each encounter. Make synergies among them all, integrate upgrade chips into the set you have assembled and strike again at each station! What awaits you at the final station?”
MakeRoom allows users to build dioramas by selecting from thousands of objects – creating miniature kitchens, living rooms and cozy nooks are all possibilities! Take your pick!
Mocap Fusion allows users to effortlessly capture full body motion capture using custom avatars and VR hardware, along with facecap, lipsync, eye tracking and more! Scenes created through Mocap Fusion can then be exported directly into Blender using its built-in automation – creating full motion capture scenes in minutes!

Jipoiz: Delight in an exciting fantasy battle! An isometric view PvP action game where various weapons can be utilized.” Ferus: The Dark Days – “Pay attention to what lurks within the darkness if you wish to stay alive!! To achieve your objectives successfully!”
Trip Not is a physics-driven parkour platformer with humorous voice acting to add some flair. An accidental misstep could spell doom; every platform presents dynamic challenges which will test both body and mind! And unlike other similar games in its genre, you can purchase shortcuts with real world money to circumvent obstacles to navigating safely.”
Sujeto 124: El Hombre de Traje – “Daniel Arias sets off toward an unfamiliar house his company purchased, investigates its contents and solves its puzzles to reach his ultimate objective of unearthing some hideous truth.
K2: Digital Edition offers an accessible yet challenging gaming experience: hurry to reach the summit before weather breaks or set camps and prepare to push later with strategic turn-based strategy with friends or AI as your opponent or in single player mode – this popular board game adaptation was tested by real K2 climbers.”
Ground Zero Hero: “Thrilling action-roguelite survival game set against an epic post-apocalyptic landscape!”
Whacking Hell! – “With hell opening its gates, your job as the champion of good is to crush all those terrifying monsters before they kill you! Gather their souls for additional weapons and spells – become an unstoppable killing machine in this top-down 2D shooter roguelite!”
Astrowarm: Solo Astronaut Survival “You are alone as an astronaut attempting to survive using weapons, turrets and powerups against waves of enemies in Astrowarm!
Primal Omen: Explore an exotic tropical island overrun by fierce dinosaurs for an intense third-person survival horror experience against these resilient beasts and discover why dinosaurs roam once again on Earth.”
Now you know about 12 Steam demos you can easily download and enjoy for free right away – have fun!

Steam 12 new freebies you can play right now
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