Starfield meets Sea Of Thieves in stunning new game!

Starfield meets Sea Of Thieves in stunning new game!

Starfield meets Sea Of Thieves in stunning new game!


There’s much to appreciate about video games, not least of all their ability to help us form lasting memories that would otherwise remain lost to us forever. Furthermore, video games offer us an immersive experience like no other form of media can.

RPGs offer unparalleled player immersion. Be it going on epic quests through mediaeval fantasy worlds with flying dragons (e.g. Elder Scrolls), or exploring outer space via No Man’s Sky or another RPG title – RPGs provide unforgettable adventures to immerse themselves into.

Bethesda’s Starfield was intended to be the flagship Xbox Series X|S exclusive that fans were anxiously waiting for when it released in September 2023. To be fair, with over 1000 planets and 100 solar systems to explore it is indeed massive game; but as far as quality or mass opinion are concerned it has proven an uneven affair; depending on who you ask they either love it or hate it – just what makes life interesting after all!

“Starfield stands as proof that gaming industry’s potential can expand far beyond our expectations; Bethesda has created an immersive universe which, despite its vast size, still manages to fascinate with impressive attention-to-detail.”

Starfield provides plenty of entertainment, yet with time we hope it can evolve further, similar to how Hello Games did with No Man’s Sky and Rare did with Sea of Thieves. Meanwhile, Swedish developers Keepsake Games may provide relief through upcoming Hyperspace. Be wary though – as there may be several similar titles listed on Steam which might cause confusion!

“Hyperspace (working title) is an co-op PvE game where four friends take on the roles of crewmembers of a spaceship, flying it while firefighting fires, optimizing energy flows, maning turrets, exploring derelict shipwrecks, and much more!” reads its description. If Hyperspace looks intriguing to you, sign up on its official website (which also boasts gorgeous screenshots!) for updates; sign-in now to keep informed!

Hyperspace, being developed by just 11 people at the independent studio that helped with Minecraft, It Takes Two, A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons development is currently under production – providing extensive co-op gaming expertise in one package!

Hyperspace will differ from similar space adventure games such as Starfield and No Man’s Sky in that its galaxy will not be procedurally generated but instead feature randomised events to keep each playthrough interesting and varied.

At this writing, Hyperspace does not yet have an exact release date but Keepsake Games plans on putting the game up on Steam Early Access sometime during late 2024. Perhaps within months they might release a gameplay trailer so we can test out whether Hyperspace matches its promise!

Starfield meets Sea Of Thieves in stunning new game!
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