Xbox users may have rights to two Sunset Overdrive Sequels.

Xbox users may have rights to two Sunset Overdrive Sequels.

Xbox users may have rights to two Sunset Overdrive Sequels.


Since 2014’s Sunset Overdrive release, fans of this franchise have considered it essential – yet an almost decade has gone by without another instalment of this long-awaited series. According to recent leaks, Xbox may now hold exclusive publishing rights for two sequels of Sunset Overdrive; perhaps providing some explanation for why Playstation and Insomniac Games didn’t release one or remaster their original title themselves?

On Xbox informer eXtas1stv’s Twitter (formerly Instagram), leaked documents from Insomniac revealed that Xbox had obtained rights for two Sunset Overdrive sequels – leading fans into speculations.

Fans were hopeful for sequels when Sony purchased Insomniac Games as it is widely recognized for producing PlayStation titles, yet even after holding onto Insomniac’s project rights for Sunset Overdrive 2, other projects took priority over it.

Sony prioritized titles like Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank over Sunset Overdrive, leaving fans yearning for its sequel as they mull over how Microsoft and Sony work. The fate of Sunset Overdrive now hangs in the balance and this leaves gamers perplexed about these complex dynamics between Microsoft and Sony.

Fans eagerly anticipating Sunset Overdrive sequels or remasters have speculated over various scenarios, from Microsoft purchasing IP from Sony or purchasing publishing rights from Microsoft; to multiplatform releases between both companies. Unfortunately, however, its future remains unclear and discussions on its fate continue apace; fans await news regarding this gaming franchise’s fate.

Sunset Overdrive was developed jointly by Insomniac Games and Microsoft for Xbox One back in 2014. Set against an alternate post-apocalyptic world full of mutant energy drink monsters, robots, and colourful characters like Kitty Cannons; players embarked upon missions to decapitatate FizzCo – an irresponsible corporation responsible for turning cities into mutants – using unusual weapons like Propain Launchers or Kitty Cannons in pursuit of its destruction.

Insomniac Games’ thrilling open-world adventure rocked gaming when released and made an impressionful impression when Xbox exclusive. Although received positive reviews and sold well enough copies to become an Xbox exclusive title, its anticipated sequel remains out of reach despite impressive sales numbers and favorable reviews.

Xbox users may have rights to two Sunset Overdrive Sequels.
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