Elder Scrolls Skyrim Receives Major Graphical Upgrade

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Receives Major Graphical Upgrade

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Receives Major Graphical Upgrade


Have you been curious what The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would look like with over 2000 mods but were afraid it might cause your PC to explode? Don’t worry as one Youtuber has done just that and provided stunning footage without destroying his PC in the process! Spoiler alert: no PC was damaged while its beauty can still be appreciated by all!

Digital Dreams from YouTuber has managed to transform The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into what appears like it just came out this week, thanks to an avid modding community and modding tools available today.

This video offers us an in-depth glimpse of what Skyrim would look like running at 8K resolution with NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation and over 2000 mods installed. Unfortunately, not everyone can reach such high levels without their PC sounding like it has crashed – however if this feat can be accomplished successfully it can make Skyrim feel brand new!

Digital Dreams also used PureDark’s DLSS 3 Mod, which is only available through Patreon subscription and therefore must be paid for to obtain. Furthermore, we don’t know exactly which 2000 mods Digital Dreams used since his list shared on Novilus had “issues.” Without knowing this information we cannot ascertain their identity nor understand their work towards reaching his end results.

No matter its initial glitches, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was always meant to perform at 8K resolution as its results are truly astonishing. Youtuber provided thirteen minutes of gameplay showcasing stunning graphics, improved user interfaces and menu systems and much smoother performance – the results speak for themselves!

Not surprisingly, some fans of Elder Scrolls 6 are disgruntled over recent rumours circulating online regarding its early reveal by Bethesda. As this title took 10+ years of development time alone, such an early reveal has left fans puzzled over such sudden announcements from Bethesda.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Receives Major Graphical Upgrade
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