Steam users are eligible for $20 in free store credit now.

Steam users are eligible for $20 in free store credit now.

Steam users are eligible for $20 in free store credit now.


Christmas day may have passed us by, but now is an incredible period between now and New Year’s Day wherein everyone lies around moaning, eating chocolate for breakfast and generally not knowing which day it is. It’s an extraordinary period.

Since this holiday is still technically about giving, some Steam users have generously decided to share free goodies over the last several weeks – like $20 of store credit that should get you some great games during Steam Winter Sale! Don’t miss this offer and take part today.

Based on an offer shared by Free Steam Games’ Twitter account, you could currently earn $20 worth of store credit by simply taking three steps. Simply follow these instructions here in this tweet here to earn it and don’t worry; no personal data needs to be given over just for $20!

After entering, one winner will be selected from all participants on 31 December and announced. So why don’t you try your luck and see if there might be something special waiting for you in 2019?

If you don’t fancy testing out this game but still wish to explore a selection of free games, why not have a look at the demos and extended trials below?

  • Factoria – Although I try not to overuse the term, Factoria can be difficult to put down once you start. You might need some time before its addictive charm takes hold – try playing its demo version first though… it just may hook you!
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 provides the perfect opportunity to listen to “Driving Home For Christmas” over and over again! Final Fantasy XIV provides free trials of one of the greatest.
  • MMORPGS out there; prepare to be immersed. Sky: Children Of The Light offers gorgeous visuals while Sky: Children Of The Light offers relaxation that won’t stop. Its Finally Bits And
  • Bops provides stunning rhythm games to add fun into your holiday experience!
  • Balatro – an odd blend of poker roguelite gameplay.
  • Warm Snow – an exceptional looking roguelike action RPG. Backpack Battles – an inventory management auto battler which seems too satisfying, while Half Sword offers both comedic relief as well as historical accuracy when simulating battle simulation.
  • Street Fighter 6 – Hands down one of the greatest games this year. No need to elaborate.
  • Bread And Fred – An adorable co-op platformer featuring adorable penguins (I adore penguins!). Davigo – I don’t really understand this one either but it looks really awesome.
Steam users are eligible for $20 in free store credit now.
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