Subnautica meets The Witcher 3 for an epic fantasy RPG!

Subnautica meets The Witcher 3 for an epic fantasy RPG!

Subnautica meets The Witcher 3 for an epic fantasy RPG!

If you have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of the most frustrating enemies to encounter will likely be Sirens.

These slippery customers don’t exactly present much of a challenge, more like an inconvenience. Attacking boats while sailing around Skellige and clawing away at it as you navigate is common practice; but if you ever wanted to experience what playing as the Siren from The Witcher 3 would feel like then this game may well be for you!

Sirens stands out as being completely unique from anything I have experienced so far and I was immediately taken aback when I played it for myself. There are elements from The Witcher in terms of its dark fantasy world but also some familiar touches from Subnautica (its underwater exploration capabilities and Ecco The Dolphin-esque gameplay elements come to mind) as well as dashes of Ecco The Dolphin that make for an impressive combination.

According to its Steam description, this adventure invites players to “Take up arms as an alluring Siren and hunt down some of the deadliest sea creatures ever sighted! Experience an extraordinary voyage around the globe from various stages in Siren evolution.”

Sirens may have been difficult to sell during an age where video game water levels were generally subpar, but its gorgeous visuals have won me over completely. Watching its mythical creatures glide effortlessly through murky water while do battle against real dinosaurs has sold me on this game that I didn’t realize I needed until seeing Sirens play out before me; once lured in by its sirens’ call I may never escape their call!

At this stage, there’s no release window set forth for Sirens; therefore it appears as if development has just started for this game. Our hope is for 2024, however 2025 might prove more accurate as an estimated release window – we will certainly keep an eye out and update you when more is known about Sirens!


Subnautica meets The Witcher 3 for an epic fantasy RPG!
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