Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the best of the RPG trilogy'

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the best of the RPG trilogy’

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the best of the RPG trilogy’


There’s everything in the Assassin’s – Creed universe. In the past, the stealth entries have been considered the ultimate Assassin’s Creed, with the newer RPG entries frequently being dismissed as the black sheep of the series.

The reality is that it’s not a good idea to underestimate the appeal of these RPG entries- especially how the Assassin’s Creed Codename Red is developing. The game is scheduled to be released later this year. Codename Red will be the last RPG installment in the series. It will take players to the Feudal Japanese. The game with two protagonists is said to include two male samurais and a female Shinobi. We’re hoping to discover more information in the months ahead. Meanwhile, players have declared Assassin’s Creed Odyssey one of the top games in the RPG trilogy. And it’s an absolute blast.

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey received a remarkably high 85 on Metacritic when it was launched, and I must declare it to be one of my favorite games in the series. With unforgettable characters, a captivating narrative, and an intricate open world, it’s an easy way to devote numerous hours to playing Odyssey. It’s an issue that Reddit user shaan1232 just found out.

” Odyssey is the best game of the RPG trilogy,” they started. “I am shocked that I had to wait so long for it. […] I wanted to test Odyssey as I had a bad feeling about being bored of Valhalla and HOLY. It’s as fluid like Origins however it’s much better. […] Its missions were fascinating and, frankly, I enjoyed the narrative just as I did Origins I have and I’m not complaining here. Combat in the naval arena felt more engaging than Origins which I had to leave the game as quickly as I could. The world has become far more fascinating for me. The globe is certainly not completely empty. There’s plenty to see and do in every corner of the world.”

They added, “Even the side missions can be interesting. […] Additionally, the Mercenary mechanic is constantly interesting. There are always a few difficult to kill enemies around no matter the degree you’re playing at.” A lot of others agreed. ” Odyssey is the latest game I’ve enjoyed! It’s sad to see the amount of people who don’t enjoy it. I liked the way it balanced the combat, the sneaking, and story.” said Sanmarialors and Raecino said, “Yeah I never was a fan of the haters Odyssey received the game received, it’s great.”

Unfortunately, Valhalla was a victim of too much RPG-related clutter. I’m hoping the Codename Red is much more polished. If it’s successful, Ubisoft may want to consider making it an ultimate RPG game. The game is close to achieving its RPG strategy.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the best of the RPG trilogy’
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