Dave Bautista wants a role in Netflix's Gears Of War series.

Dave Bautista wants a role in Netflix’s Gears Of War series.

Dave Bautista wants a role in Netflix’s Gears Of War series.


Dave Bautista wants to join the Gears Of War TV show cast, and we couldn’t be happier about that prospect!

Netflix recently unveiled plans to develop a live-action series based on Gears Of War for their streaming platform Netflix, joining other video game adaptations like The Witcher, Halo, The Last Of Us, and Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout show as examples of video game series being turned into television programs.

Converting the Gears Of War videogame series’ story, characters, and violent action into a film may prove challenging, but one actor has expressed interest in one of its lead roles.

Dave Bautista, best known for his career in WWE wrestling and film roles like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dune, is desperate to join one of their ranks as an official COG member.

He took to Twitter honestly, claiming: “This couldn’t get any easier,” before tagging Gears Of War and Netflix accounts and Marcus Fenix hashtag indicating which role is his primary focus. Additionally, there was also a video clip that depicted him donning one of the game’s costumes before ending it all by saying: “it’s about damn time!”

We think he would make an excellent Marcus Fenix in real life, and many fans seem to agree, leaving comments supporting this casting choice on this post.

One fan commented: “They need to acknowledge it! Always has been you!”

One told her, “You are the only person I will accept to play this role.

Cliff Bleszinski, the original designer of Gears Of War, said, “Brother, as a designer for 1, 2, and 3, you are my top choice.

As this seems obvious, the onus now lies with Netflix to come to its senses and offer Bautista the role; she truly stands out among any possible candidates.

Dave Bautista wants a role in Netflix’s Gears Of War series.
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