Sleeping Dogs fans eagerly await an official sequel years after its release.

Sleeping Dogs fans eagerly await an official sequel years after its release.

Sleeping Dogs fans eagerly await an official sequel years after its release.


Sleeping Dogs is a prime example of franchises with untapped potential that have yet to reach their true potential.

Sleeping Dogs was released in 2012 by United Front Games and Square Enix and features Hong Kong-based martial artist Wei Shen as he attempts to infiltrate the Sun On Yee triad in Hong Kong. If you enjoy Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, or Mafia, Sleeping Dogs would likely appeal. Despite critics criticizing its repetitive missions, it still earned an 80 score on Metacritic; unfortunately, its planned sequel was canceled in 2013. Fans have lamented since.

Sleeping Dogs was canceled following disappointing sales; developing and launching new IP is always risky, and we have seen more studios shy away from taking that plunge (to their detriment). Sleeping Dogs sold roughly 1.75 million copies yearly, which did not meet Square Enix’s expectations, so the franchise ended prematurely; nonetheless, its fans continued to show appreciation for it over ten years after its launch!

Reddit user MILKY_92 kicked off this discussion by noting, “Square Enix truly had something here with Sleeping Dogs; unfortunately, though its initial release went largely overlooked, later finding an audience through Definitive Edition release. Sleeping Dogs featured an excellent plot centered on an undercover cop who infiltrates Hong Kong gangs while ultimately drastically changing his life and career as an officer he once served undercover in Hong Kong gangs; unfortunately,, its story often became redundant compared to Sleeping Dogs itself. Sleeping Dogs was absolutely astounding, and it was well received upon its initial release; later, it found its true audience through the Definitive Edition release.” Sleeping Dogs was another hit game released as the Definitive Edition release saw its audience. Its narrative had great depth as an undercover cop infiltrates Hong Kong gangs but ultimately becomes deeply conflicted with his personal life and reputation as well…

“[The game’s] writing and casting were fantastic; Emma Stone even voiced one of its characters (one of many bizarre coincidences about it!). Gameplay was great too – with engaging hand to hand combat and gunplay which may feel unfamiliar at first, but once experienced it becomes addictively enjoyable […] its open world Hong Kong felt alive for its time while remaining stunningly beautiful […] yet unfortunately one of Square’s finest departures will likely never see another sequel […] Square have truly missed an opportunity here!”

Plenty agreed. “One of the few games that I beat 100% and purchased all DLC for, as an avid fan of the 1980s/90s Hong Kong cinema action,” wrote Nukrag, while Cryofixated stated it as one of his “all-time favorite games,” adding: “I think Sleeping Dogs was something unique; an outstanding challenger to GTA that died due to Square Enix having unrealistic expectations; although, unfortunately, I do not expect Sleeping Dogs making a comeback anytime soon; nonetheless this fantastic sale currently lasts until 5 January! Don’t miss this unique opportunity; get in now while you can! PS3.74 is on sale until 5 January, so don’t miss this incredible offer from Square Enix until 5 January for only PS3.74. A fantastic value proposition indeed!

Sleeping Dogs fans eagerly await an official sequel years after its release.
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