Elden Ring: Ascended can now be played for free.

Elden Ring: Ascended can now be played for free.

Elden Ring: Ascended can now be played for free.

Elden Ring Ascended presents an almost impossible challenge that won’t easily let go. However, as always, we caution you not to underestimate this expansion; it will certainly put your skills and limits through their paces.

If, like me, Elden Ring has already proved difficult for you, save yourself the effort by abandoning any attempts at trying this mod; although impressive, it is only intended for those brave or foolish enough to try.

Elden Ring boss battle royale is challenging enough; now imagine having to do it on Elden Ring Ascended!

“Warning: This mod is extremely difficult! If you prefer fair and hard fights, do not play this mod.” Just taking time to read comments on Elden Ring Ascended NexusMods page shows just how tough an experience this mod provides for gamers.

Only someone capable of beating this expansion would likely be someone like the streamer who won seven FromSoftware games consecutively; even then, they’d struggle.

This expansion features three new modes – Age of Stars, Frenzy, and Death Mode – that have taken great effort and time to produce. Here’s an overview of its changes:

  • Enemy Physics and Enemy AI Changed;
  • New Armor Set Effects on Each Piece,
  • Talisman Effects on Talismans,
  • Weapon Effects from Armor Pieces and
  • Enemy Status Debuffs have all been implemented with changing Armor giving different effects;
  • Spell Item Buffs stack on different weapons, as do
  • Weapon Art Buffs for further customization of each weapon Art on every side.
  • Stackable Weapon Art buffs have also been added for customization and weapon art changeability on individual weapon sides, allowing different effects across pieces from that given by Armor Piece Effects from those shown from
  • Altering Armor gives different effects from Spell Item or Weapon Art Buffs stackability when Altering Armor gives other Effects with Spell Item Buffs stackable Weapon Art Buffs on Each Weapon Art Buff stackable Weapon Arts on Each Weapon Buff stackables on Each weapon/Art Buff stackability! Stackability between weapons!
    “Well, it’s time for more suffering!” lamented one gamer; we concur, as gaming without its inherent risk of anger or defeat is not worth experiencing.

Should you decide to experiment with Elden Ring Ascended yourself, there’s plenty of information here about its features and addressing FromSoftware patches; before beginning, you read everything carefully so you won’t end up stuck before even starting!

All that remains for me is good luck – as you will surely need it in this endeavor.

Elden Ring: Ascended can now be played for free.
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