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PACIFY Mobile Full Version Download

PACIFY Mobile Full Version Download

PACIFY Mobile Full Version Download


Download Pacify at no cost on Mobile The following page will guide you on how to get and set up the complete version of Pacify on Mobile.

About Pacify

Pacify is an online indie horror game where four players can investigate a haunted home. In Pacify it is a game where you are trying to survive the narrow hallways of an old, dark home. A little girl who alternates between good and evil while hopping about.

The circumstances that affect her can trigger her to switch. If the evil is in control and engulfs you, it’ll pursue the group of friends and you throughout the home. There is a need to figure out a method to ward off the evil and leave the home.

The more you play and the villain gets more clever and more efficient. Solo play in single-player mode or with at least 3 other players with multiplayer. When playing multiplayer it is possible to play either against or alongside your opponents.

Check out the notes to find information on Pacifying your girl. Use wood, dolls, keys and matches to assist you along the way. She can hear you and even see the person you are with. Keep your distance, and be as quiet as you can. Explore different strategies to be successful.



How to Download and Install Pacify

  1. Click on the download button below. You will be redirected to a download page for Pacify.
  2. Enjoy the game!




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