Thief Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download
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Thief Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download

Thief Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download


Real-life thief simulator offers players the chance to see themselves in the shoes of a real criminal. consider hacking strategies or pump techniques, then look for the victim, and then study the case. It all happens in the open urban world, in which every object can be lost, yet you will follow the instructions of a task.

What could a burglar do? It is possible to study the background of someone, write down the habits of his life conclude the way he moves, or determine where he has cash or jewelry. Following that, the preparation for hacking begins. There is a view through which we can walk and a door, its lock must be broken. When we first start it is not clear if we have any security cameras or motion sensors for turning off lights or alarms. It’s to progress toward mastering a professional’s skill.

When you decide to break into a house It is recommended that you be sure to investigate the area. Make sure you know who the proprietor is of the garage or home. It is important not to be caught up in trivialities, as details tend to be ignored. Also, in Thief Simulator it’s your responsibility to.

Many things are worth your time, but the majority of them consist of junk that is not needed. Just a quick check out at the shop can indeed assist in hacking your way through.

Additionally, the thief we are looking for will carry his bag and a tree of skills. This is a restricted amount of slots. It’s better to take only the items that could be offered at a greater price or that are hard to access. Second, the skill tree allows you to increase the size of your backpack and run more quickly, as well as pick locks, and then sell your loot for an increased price.

In the workshop, you’ll remove cars from the workshop, switch off the security system of laptops, tablets, and phones, and compare the progress of other gamers.



Thief Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download




Thief Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download
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