Empire Earth Mobile Full Version Download
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Empire Earth Mobile Full Version Download

Empire Earth Mobile Full Version Download


Historic RTS Empire the earth is represented through a variety of unique mechanics. One of them is”morale” system “morale” system, which indicates how the troops will behave when on the field. The primary focus of the game is the characters. They are usually created in cities and separated into two kinds which are called Strategists and Warriors.

The former could demoralize an army that is fighting you, while they can boost the morale of their forces. By using the rules from the Age of Empire as a base, Empire Earth will allow players to construct civilizations that offer various upgrades and rewards.

The games’ events encompass around 500,000 years of global history. They are depicted by 14 distinct eras beginning with Prehistoric times, which lasted from 2 million BC to the Age of Nanotechnology of the 21st century.

The heroes include Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, and William the Conqueror. Elizabeth I, Erwin Rommel as well as many more. This strategy has 3 editors: Civilizations campaigns and scenarios. By using the extensive toolkit available that allows you to design your own unique game.

Empire Earth allows you to construct 6 distinct Wonders of the World: the Ziggurat, Colosseum, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Temple of Zeus, Ishtar Gate, and the Great Library. Each one of these buildings comes with its benefits and enhancements like, for instance, the ability to self-power units and fortify walls of cities.

Other wonders are The Eiffel Tower, Tower, Buckingham Palace, and the Time Machine. The storyline arc includes four situations: Hellas (Greece), England, Germany, and Russia. Each plot has many well-known characters including Theseus, Hercules, Shakespeare, Manfred von Richthofen, Sergei Molotov, and many other well-known military or historical people.



Empire Earth Mobile Full Version Download




Empire Earth Mobile Full Version Download
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