Factorio Mobile Full Version Download
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Factorio Mobile Full Version Download

Factorio Mobile Full Version Download


In the future, there will be the most important thing to have for peace and comfort. Factorio is a sandbox in 2D graphics, where you need to completely equip a new world for future humans.

Once we have arrived in an unfamiliar location it is necessary to find sources, construct elements out of the same, and construct structures that the people of the future will be able to settle down and remain peaceful. Remember that our planet responds violently against the colonizers.

Free-to-play mode or story mode allows players to create an individual character to suit their requirements. He can freely move about across the globe, the size of which you can control before.

The planet you explore is abundant in natural resources, including the environment, mineral resources, and building materials, however, it is necessary to access them using specific equipment that isn’t available immediately.

The extraction can be done using your hands, or it is possible to make use of special equipment. The future will be in one form or another it will be necessary to construct mining structures along with processing facilities.

The game will notify you when it’s time to put up recycling facilities if your character isn’t capable of doing it all at once about recycling materials. In Factorio the player must develop processing chains, repair their results, and participate in continuous improvement of the processes you use.

  • Design structures with the capacity to reuse resources
  • Develop ways of getting the materials you need to base
  • Be aware of the arthropods that are trying to destroy the production as a result of pollution on the earth. The arthropods’ attacks need to be stopped using turrets, stone walls, and mines. It is possible to destroy their hideout by using tanks, heavy artillery as well as other weapons.

The story is short and tells us that we’re an astronaut that has crashed onto this planet. He’s an engineering expert and can construct an exoskeleton, energy line, or an oil refinery. Can he be able to manage? It is possible to play multiplayer mode as well in creating scenarios and maps using the editor.



Factorio Mobile Full Version Download




Factorio Mobile Full Version Download
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