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V Rising for Android & IOS Free Download

V Rising for Android & IOS Free Download


When you wake up, V Rising the hero as a vampire must search for blood while staying away from direct light.

The slasher that includes survival features gives you the opportunity to play to play the role of a bloodsucker, who awakes in his personal castle. He must take back possession and gain authority within a wide open space filled with secrets. It is time to take on the world of living. Join forces with other allies to finish the job.

The character of the story is a vampire that awakes one day and discovers that he’s severely weakened from sleeping for many centuries. The hero is now required to go out and hunt the nearby settlements to find human blood in their diet.

Beware of the sun. It can help you survive. The castle of the character while asleep is nearly destroyed. It is required to gradually rebuild it with new members of the people who must be found for the sake of advancing the Empire.

In this game, the player is asked to play in the Gothic realm, and to explore its vast lands, where legends and creatures dwell and there are human settlements as well as impenetrable forests and dark underground dungeons where you could gain important sources. While on your journey, you encounter various characters, enemies and allies, who fight with whom to plunder settlements and snare opponents.

The most important rule for vampires is to stay in shade to ensure that the sun doesn’t make him ash, therefore it’s worth taking a hunt at night and performing. As time passes as a vampire, he gathers sources and engages in various old techniques to allow him to obtain backing from those who belong to the Dark Forces, and uses the information gained to create his own home that not only houses treasure, but also travels together with his troops.

It is possible to move on your own or with your fellow vampires, which can be very beneficial in the event of facing a stronger opponent. You will learn how to make use of a variety of weapons and abilities and abilities, which allow the user to finally aim accurately as well as dodge bullets fired by enemies. You can also use both long-range and short-range weapons with the knowledge. The hero’s progress increases as the hero improves his abilities and gets the backing of forces of evil.



V Rising for Android & IOS Free Download




V Rising for Android & IOS Free Download
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