Mafia Latest Version Free Download

Mafia Latest Version Free Download

Mafia Latest Version Free Download


Mafia It is one of the most cult games from the 21st century that was the genesis of the genre of role-playing games that incorporate elements of shooting games in the third person. The tale begins with taxi driver Tommy Angelo, who, despite his will is a part of an organized crime group (mafia) who controls the city. The game was given a second appearance thanks to a modern remake of Mafia in the year 2020.

The video game is played as the cinematic thriller in the third person, in which we are not just witnessing characters’ reactions and plot twists of the player towards the incident, but actual historical events that led to Prohibition as well as The Great Depression and many other aspects of the day-to-day life of an average US citizen.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is the opening chapter of the famous trilogy about the arduous daily life of the mafia and the events that unfold in the Great Depression. Tommy Angelo is an ordinary taxi driver who meets those who represent the mafia and becomes involved in the nefarious activities of their members. While he is working for his family, the Salieri family members, both his earnings and dangers increase. After the game, challenges will be at their peak.

Things begin when Tommy decides to transport two people from the Salieri family who are chased by those belonging to the family of Morello. Under the threat of a gun, our protagonist is willing to go along, and the police insist to him that he can “turn for anything” when necessary. On the next day, Morello’s men assault our protagonist and beat him with clubs. Fortunately, the protagonist survives and goes to Salieri’s place of dining and is the “member” of the family after swearing and swearing.

Tommy himself has been working with a criminal gang for the last eight years. The gang is devoted to the plot of the story. It will show all scenes in the third person regardless of whether you are driving or even in “walk” mode.

You can take cars and steal them, as well as bring them to an examination, then utilize the funds to purchase new vehicles at an official showroom of dealers. A lot of the world’s brands that are part of the game can only be saved outside, their names are changed.

The amount of missions available is an entire storyline. While the world is free and the player can be anything there’s no way to get out of the story. When you are working for the Salieri team, you’ll need to take down individuals, steal vehicles, create frames for police, and do the most crimes you can afford to pay.

There are enough guns within the game. Additionally, there are several cartridges. A player is equipped with five kinds of lighter weapons as well as one heavy weapon which is a machine gun or an assault rifle.

Mafia has over two dozen missions which take place in the open-air universe in New Haven in the 1930s. They have accurately and reliably depicted the social and political atmosphere of that period. It is apparent everywhere: buildings, automobiles, clothing, and music. All of it can be recreated in historical detail.

The missions will vary in scope, from shootings and chases and even the sale of liquor and various other thrilling tasks. It is also possible to freely move throughout the vast city to take part in events that are quick as well as complete NPC tasks. Everyone will have something unique in the game and take pleasure in the unusual surroundings throughout the day.



System Requirements


  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6600 / Radeon X1300
  • Memory: 256 Mb


Mafia Latest Version Free Download




Mafia Latest Version Free Download
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