Sonic Adventure 2 For PC Free Download 2024

Sonic Adventure 2 For PC Free Download 2024

Sonic Adventure 2 For PC Free Download 2024


The reissue of the first Sonic Adventure 2 was enhanced with HD resolution, two options for two users, as well as 3 dozen levels, with 150 different missions. The multiplayer is a way an opportunity to compete together with your friends and compete against them on a split-screen. The game features two different adventures with characters from both the past and present as well as antagonists participating. Participants in competitions, determine their fate for the whole world by in the fight to win those who hold the Chaos Emeralds.

Game characters are available for use in passing

Sonic is an opossum, who has a team of heroes. Confronts Eggman.
Miles Prower – alias Tails the friend of the main character mechanic, designer, and engineer Flying the Tornado aircraft. Knuckles is the echidna from the old clan and the one who guards stones, Master Emerald.
Dr. Eggman – Ivo Robotnik’s antagonist, great-grandson of Gerald Robotnik, a famous Professor.
Shadow is the name of a hedgehog that was created out in space, during the ARC colony about a century earlier. Shadow is determined to take revenge on everyone for the murder of a close friend, known as Maria.
Rouge Bat, who serves for the federal government at G.U.N. Finds valuables and assists in helping Dr. Ivo find the Emeralds for activating to activate the Eclipse cannons.
Each team member is a unique individual with special talents and abilities. The race is made up of Light and Dark tales. The action is set in a replica planet Earth. An all-star team joins the forces of an adversary to save the whole globe from destruction. In the game of 3D platformer game, players collect rings needed to protect themselves and additional lives for their wards while completing the various levels. In some levels, there are several lives that are available and is replenished when taking capsules and rings following the defeat of enemies.

There are animals and Chaos Drives who can boost the performance of Chao – a virtual pet. Pets can be used to organize mini-games of competition alongside other players during the game. The capsules are equipped with added capabilities, including an energy shield that attracts rings and guards against electrical attacks.



System Requirments


  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium 4 / with a clock speed of 3.2 GHz
  • Graphics: GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD3650
  • Memory: 1 Gb
  • Storage: 3 Gb


Sonic Adventure 2 For PC Free Download 2024




Sonic Adventure 2 For PC Free Download 2024
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