Angry Birds iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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Angry Birds iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Angry Birds iOS/APK Full Version Free Download


Angry Birds Is a fun and simple game. At the time of its release, it quickly gained popularity and led to the creation of a huge brand. The game is the beginning of the game. The gameplay is built on the simplest mechanics.

The film has an unorthodox plot. Then, one day, pigs stole eggs taken from birds. They then cooked eggs to feed their king. They were enraged by the feathered creatures they went to war against thieves. The entire campaign is comprised of 14 episodes, the main ones, and four bonus episodes. The game is also referred to by the name Angry Birds Classic.

The game features 5 characters.

  • Red is the mascot of Red as well as the smallest bird capable of piercing only weak structures.
  • Chuck can be said to increase his speed through the air. This permits him to alter the direction of flight and reach the most distant fortifications
  • The Blue Trinity is a group of twins that can break into three birds and destroy glass blocks
  • The bomb is a flying thing that explodes immediately by pressing an appropriate button or after a short time after striking an obstruction;
  • Matilda can throw an egg bomb at her move and then ram barriers.

The game is about launching these birds rather than projectiles in buildings that are being occupied by pigs in green. There’s no wind direction and the birds only move within a parabola and gradually diminish with their weight. For the final level to be completed you must destroy every pig on the screen.

It is possible to crash into them or throw away falling pieces of buildings and smash them with a blast of explosives. The number of fighters available is very limited. If a player uses every creation available, yet does not leave at least one opponent and loses, he’ll be a loss. After that, you must restart the game. It is possible to replay the steps for maximum points as well as earn the best score of 3 stars. Hidden locations are available. For access to the map, you have to locate the golden eggs hidden in the bushes.



Angry Birds iOS/APK Full Version Free Download




Angry Birds iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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