Homeworld 3 Announced

The classic real-time strategy series Homeworld Is coming back. The series that is dormant has been silent for more than 15 decades, aside from the Remastered Collection at 2015. However an official sequel, Homeworld 3, was declared at PAX West.

Development Has been handled with Blackbird Interactive, which has some experience with the franchise using remastered Homeworld games. Fans can look forward to having the narrative pick up from where it left off, however, it can be a while before they could experience the new chapter.

Homeworld returns using another chapter of the narrative.

Homeworld 3 is the sequel to the mythical RTS that is space-faring. Blackbird Interactive, based on original Homeworld art manager Rob Cunningham takes the helm on development, returning the series to its roots with a gripping continuation of this narrative, fully 3D battle, and the traditional RTS elements you expect,” its programmer states. “Further supported by the specialists of Homeworld Remastered Collection at Gearbox Publishing, Homeworld 3 is coming to life and the teams could not be more ecstatic.

Additionally, it is already getting a crowdfunding campaign on Fig, with a bonus for backers: accessibility to Homeworld Mobile, which was also declared at the demonstration.

The Homeworld series’ heritage, however, has always lain in its Story-focused campaigns, whose excellent action and inherent beauty Survive and excel, even The first’s arrival,

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