God Eater 3 Review

God Eater has Experienced a long and Profitable history since debuting close to a decade ago

The latest entry, God Eater 3, still remains true to the series roots using a deep customization system, mission output, and reasonable hubs.

But what make it really stand out this time around is your total tone, architecture, and feel as is been developed by an entirely different group this time round, moving from Change over to Marvelous.

God Eater 3 chooses the best portions of each of its predecessors to give a game which feels connected and whole, with smooth field traversal, new types of God Eaters called AGEs or Adaptive God Eaters as well as fast-paced fighting and action to provide a bigger feeling of fluidity thas usually missing in games of this kind.

God Eater 3 definitely stays true to form, as long time lovers will feel right back at home, but in the larger picture thers a lot thas altered, largely for the better. Ashlands began to grow and slowly take over large parts of earth, teeming with Aragami, the monstrous deities Adaptive God Eaters go out and fight, and swallowing entire landscapes forcing a lot of humanity to perish or seek refuge underground and at the skies.

Due to the storms that brought about the Ashlands, Fenrir, a staple of God Eater previously, has collapsed, as well as several God Eaters with it. In this day, very few can now go out and cover earth to search for resources in addition to protect what little workable places they have left, and people that fight are known as Adaptive God Eaters or AGE for short.

The largest difference between them and normal God Eaters is that they can live in the Ashlands, and a big part is due to the fact that they’re more demon than anything else, so the fear of corruption always lurks within the ones that fight for the protection of others.

Is a exceptional take on God Eater that keeps things interesting, acquiring these personalities and humanity grow little by little in front of our very eyes, but the question because you perform remains:

At what cost? Similar to titles such as these, players can create their own personality to fight alongside other AGEs, and because this is unfortunately a scenario with yet another silent protagonist, the true principal character and narrative will be told around another NPC in this case Hugo.

Starting out imprisoned, Hugo helps you get on your feet and return to your senses as you train and hone your skills as a Adaptive God Eater making sure is employed for the larger good.

You occasionally have dialogue choices and help make decisions during the course of this game, but yoll mostly behave as a supporting character as you have the narrative of Hugo and other AGEs you meet along the way, fighting for survival and another chance at being liberated.

Character customization is remarkably deep, so multiple save documents allow for different types of characters and setups should you choose, although most matters aret permanent in God Eater, so don’t hesitate to change weapons, hairstyles, skintones and more at any point during the game. If yore the kind to spend a while in a character creator, yoll possess a whole lot to love about God Eater 3 once you start the match, and thers a lot more to unlock throughout the remainder of it. You get in-game currency to unlock new outfits and weapons too, and with all the proper materials it’s possible to craft as much as you like and look nevertheless you like.

Happily the aesthetic is just that, and any weapon and skill enhancements come from another menu and system thas tuned for all those so your character can look however it wants with no external obstruction which will ruin the vibe yore heading for. With customization being such a significant portion of God Eater 3, your choices in weapons, known as God Arcs, while categorized, texture endless concerning setups, usage, and more. Prefer a large Buster Blade using a fire feature that’s hefty piercing but is heavy to wield? No issue.

Perhaps you like that same weapon but optimized for speed, allowing for fast and brutal damage but at the cost of massive stamina? Can do.

How about a spear that automatically poisons, takes very little endurance, but perhaps doest do as DPS as other weapons? Go for that.

Every weapon has its own tree alongside updated versions of those very same weapons in which people have trees of their own, leaving the player to choose precisely how they want their weapon loadouts to be.

With the click of a button, AGEs can select between their main and sub weapons, normally a blade of some sorts for the melee portion and a gun for your ranged setup.

Going back and forth between those on the area is eloquent, and while most of the time that I was up close and personal with the Aragami because my group was varied enough to manages most scenarios, the guns definitely come in handy, especially because you may switch bullets onto the fly, deciding on any sort of elemental that could be the most effective against the kind of Aragami yore up against.

As are using the melee weapons, firearms come in a number as well, choosing from sniper, shotgun, and rifle-like God Arcs at your disposal.

There are terminals in your own hubs which you can go to that takes care of all the customization, as there ist really much able to be done in the main menu out of looking at your choices and setup.

While I wish you could do more without having to go to a terminal, these technical computers also function as databases that permit you to look at all yove found and come in contact with, from monsters to materials to locations, in addition to having the ability to look at character bios that are updated with much more information as the match continues.

Again, I wish I wouldt need to go to a terminal all the time to perform some of the stuff primarily equipment related tasks but it gives the hubs a little more interactivity as thers unfortunately not much to do or look at in each of them besides speaking to people with just a few sentences of conversation which dot contribute considerably to what happening.

The hubs could be more lively, but at precisely the same time it keeps with the air of everyone being distraught with humanity in danger.

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