Homeworld Mobile Announced At PAX

Gearbox panel in PAX West announced Homeworld 3, but thas not the only return for its real time strategy franchise.

The business also teased Homeworld Mobile, finish with a brief teaser-trailer displaying off the spacefaring ships .

The spin-off has been developed by mobile studio Straosphere. Gearbox noted that the title ist finalized, since like Homeworld 3, is still in the early stages.

Should you back Homeworld s crowd-funding campaign on Fig, yoll get priority access to Homeworld Mobile. Homeworld has been relatively quiet since the release of Homeworld 2 in 2003.

It received a Remastered Collection in 2015, which was overburdened by critics, including in Homeworld Remastered review.

The Homeworld series’ heritage, but has always lain in its story-focused campaigns, whose outstanding action and inherent attractiveness live and excel, even in light of the 16 years that have passed since the original’s advent wrote Kevin VanOrd.

It is a Massive world out there, but Homeworld Remastered Collection creates a Fantastic case for maintaining your presence within it

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