Double to Tango Triumph – Destiny 2


You can’t do this move alone. It takes two to tango.

Blood red Days have arrived in Destiny 2 and players can win an exceptional Triumph with that unique individual. This guide will tell you the best way to get the Two to Tango Triumph in Destiny 2.

Two to Tango Triumph

Two to Tango Triumph 1024×576 – Two to Tango Triumph – Destiny 2

Blood red Days are as of now being commended in Destiny 2 and another Triumph called Two to Tango has sought watchmen to pursue.

All together too complete this Crimson Days Triumph, you’ll have to have a pre-made Fireteam of two and complete a Nightfall. The Nightfall should run at a Power level of 860 or higher to abstain from matchmaking. The Nightfalls you will have a decision from this week are as per the following:

Transformed Spire

Consecrated Lair

Understanding Terminus


When you have effectively finished a Nightfall, you will have completed the prerequisites for the Triumph. Ensure you are finishing all the missions for Lord Shaxx and accumulating those Confectionery Hearts. Candy parlor Hearts can be gathered and spent to get The Vow Combat Bow, which was the compensation for Crimson Days in 2019.

With Two to Tango off the beaten path, ensure you visit Lord Shaxx and get the Love Story Bounty. Look at our Destiny 2 documents for much more aides and news.

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