Warhammer Underworlds Online – Update Patch Notes

The strategic card game Warhammer Underworlds Online received a new update today. We’ve got the full patch notes for build 5025538 on May 15th.

The Warhammer Underworlds Online Update is available now. The patch only fixes bugs in the game, there aren’t any new events or content.


Warhammer Underworlds Online builds 5025538 Patch Notes

  • 1-Stopped Black Hunger from using to ranged attacks.
  • 2-Stopped Fatal Strike from shedding after use.
  • 3-Stopped Arm’s Legnth from scoring from friendlies killed by Shardgale.
  • 4-Fixed a damage calculation bug that could cause some attacks to not compute added effects (+Damage, +Dice, etc).

Known Issues

  • We have disabled’score instantly’ goals within Tutorial 3. The tutorial is still completable
  • We’ve reworked the asset loading for warbands to improve memory utilization and performance. This may cause warband models to load slower on the primary menu for a number of gamers with inadequate functionality – that will be optimised as we construct this system farther
  • Animations for Shardgale sometimes doesn’t seem.
  • Shardgale may cause problems with scoring Blooded.
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