Maneater Fawtick Bayou Collectible Locations

Fawtick Bayou Bric-a-Brac — Licence Plates

You’ll normally have to get outside to dry soil so as to bump into them and gather them. The map marker for them is a license plate.

Nutrient Cache places in Fawtick Bayou

Nutrient caches are crates full of shark-goodies. Unlike the licence plates, they’re normally in the water, and there’s a red blinker on them that makes them stick out from the environment. The map used for nutrient caches is a grey chest.

Landmarks in Fawtick Bayou

Landmarks are curiosities strewn along the base of the many waterways in the sport. They may be collected by ruining the luminous roadsigns found near every one of them.

  • Poor Planning — A sunken graveyard near the southeastern entrance to the bayou.
  • Too Literal — A plugged drain north from the prior one.
  • The Ticking — A dinosaur eating a clock near the middle of the map.
  • Gator Sculpture by Amos”Swampy” Beauregard — A sculpture at the northern corridor.
  • Bumpy Ride — A sunken boat with skeletons at the entry to the theme park in the northeastern corner.
  • Establish Dominance — A enclosure at the theme park.
  • Baby’s First Landmark — A bunch of gator plushies on the coast west of the theme park.
  • Sunshine Improvised Warehouse — A cargo boat with barrels spilled all around the lake bottom, at the eastern corridor.
  • Must Paddle Faster! Must Paddle Faster — A sunken rowboat using a skeleton, somewhat southeast in the last one.
  • Yes Master — A culstist shrine near the southwestern entrance to the region.
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