Maneater Release Times – Does It Launch?

Maneater is coming out today, and lots of people are anxious to begin chomping down on smaller fish, fishermen’s thighs, flimsy wooden boats and much more. As is customary, the game will not start on all the platforms in precisely the exact same period, and the same goes for time zones. If you’re wondering when it is coming from your area (and in your system), continue reading our Maneater release occasions guide.

This is only one of the rare occasions once we do not have to use dark magics to divine the precise release times to get a game. Because of a statement from the game’s official Twitter account, we’ve got the exact info without needing to sever a single chicken’s head.


If you are playing on Xbox, you’ll get the game on May 21st, 8 PM EDT. That is a global launch time, so everybody gets it at that point. This translates to 5 PM PDT. In European terms, that’s May 22nd, 2 AM CEST.

On Playstation, it is going to be published at midnight local time, on May 22nd. To put it differently, wherever you are, the game will unlock in your area. Unless you’re using an account from another area — in which case you will need to do the mathematics.

That’s 6 AM PDT, 3 PM CEST or 11 PM AEST, depending on where you’re based. The game isn’t showing on many electronic storefronts, which is kind of frustrating when you’re trying to discover if it is coming out , god forbid, purchase it. Thankfully, the developers have shared the program via Twitter, so that you are able to keep this manual open in a separate tab and check back if you forget.

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