Dead Horse Lake Landmark Collectible Missing Glitch in Maneater

Dead Horse Lake is among the areas in Maneater. One of the collectibles in it is a milestone for an old mafia body disposal spot, but some players are having difficulty collecting it. The street sign that you are supposed to knock down in order to enroll the location as visiting isn’t showing up. If you’re experiencing this matter, our Maneater Dead Horse Lake milestone collectible missing glicth manual will help you deal with this.

The landmark question is that in the little pond at the west, using a lot of submerged cars and bodies wrapped in tarps, weighed down by blocks of concrete. If there isn’t a yellow street sign you can smash beside the site, it means you’ve encountered this particular nasty bug.


It seems like that is exactly what this item is ultimately — a insect. It might be tied into the side mission in the area, so if you haven’t completed it, try doing this. Aside from that, there does not seem to be a remedy for this one nonetheless. You’ll only need to wait for the programmers to straighten it all out. If it’s any consolation, you are not the only one influenced by it.

While you’re waiting, you could explore other locations and scoop up the collectibles there — areas like Sapphire Bay or Fawtick Bayou. You could also beef up your shark by gaining amounts and progressing the principal story. If you run out of things to do, you can always chomp on some folks to boost your threat level and call out the bounty hunters. As Soon as You’ve done enough to raise your infamy, you are going to have to fight hunter leaders, barbarous directors such as the electrified captain Robert Brunlett

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