How to Unlock Maneater Evolutions & Mutations

Evolutions are ways to upgrade your shark in Maneater. These mutations may be applied to various body parts, and they also make you a better shark. You can unlock them through different ways — by finding collectibles, beating bosses and generally being a shark. If you are wondering exactly what they are and how to receive them, this guide will show you how to unlock evolutions & mutations in Maneater.

Maneater Evolutions & Mutations — The best way to UnlockHow to unlock mutations and evolutions
There are eight development slots you may use — mind, jaw, body, fins, tail, and three organs. You can equip many mutations there and combine them as you like, to create a perfect killing machine. Like sharks aren’t frightening enough . Here’s a listing of different solutions, you can unlock in the game:


Sonar — This is the starting skill, which lets you detect things without seeing them.
Protein Digestion — gives you more health from ingestion and much more protein from protein resources.
Mineral Digestion — Gives you more health from ingestion and more minerals from mineral sources. Unlocked by murdering a hunter pioneer.
Fat Digestion — Gives you more health from eating and more fat out of fat sources. Unlocked by killing a boss.
Bone Set — Reduce the damage you do to ships.
Bio Electric Place — Reduce your damage and allows you to stun enemies. Different pieces of the set (teeth, fins, etc) are dropped by priest leaders.
Hearty Establish — Increases your defence and health. Also obtained by raising your infamy rank. Kill a supervisor to get it.
Shadow Set — Attacked enemies have been poisoned and slowed down. Unlocked by beating the last hunter supervisor.

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