How to Play With Friends Minecraft Dungeons Co-Op & Multiplayer ?

Minecraft Dungeons allows you to handle its dungeons alone or with up to three comrades in tow. Playing with others can be fun, if you are the social kind, and it is definitely easier than going at it from your lonesome. You can play co-op either locally, with people physically present in the area, or through the internet. If you are wondering how Minecraft Dungeons co-op multiplayer functions, you’ve come to the ideal place.

Minecraft Dungeons Co-Op & Multiplayer — The Way to Perform With FriendsHow to play co-op at Minecraft Dungeons?

When you start the game and reach the campfire display, that’s when you’ll get to make these choices. When you look at the upper right corner, you’ll see a message saying you ought to plug in more controls if you would like to play other people locally. Whenever you are doing, prompts will look to let them join the party. It’s extremely easy, but there appears to be no method to allow many people to play the same keyboard, so you will surely have to have a control for each player.


If you would like to play with strangers, we suggest not inviting them in your house for local multiplayer, at least not at first. That’s what the online option is for. That and playing with buddies who are too far to come to a local game. If you have a look at the lower left corner of this home screen display, you will see a prompt which lets you join an internet game. Press the button and you will see a listing of all the available games. As soon as you’ve joined, you will have the ability to invite friends to join as well, by selecting them in your friends list and sending them an invitation.

It is pretty easy, and you will get the hang of it after a few tries. Just remember you can check back anytime in the event that you forget how to perform it.

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