Minecraft Dungeons Bugs, Privilege Errors, Can’t Find & Install from Store


Minecraft Dungeons was released, and players all over the world are appreciating it. However, some have not been lucky. There are a number of bugs that are stopping people from enjoying the sport, including ones that are stopping them from even downloading it. This guide is going to show you a listing of known Minecraft Dungeons bugs, possible mistakes, can’t locate & install from shop issues, in addition to strategies to fix or avoid them as soon as possible.

Some players are reporting being unable to discover the game on their electronic storefront. If you are among them, your best choice will be to ensure your console’s firmware is current, then restart it and try again. If it doesn’t appear, give it a time.



Can not install Minecraft Dungeons.We have already written about this dilemma at a different guide. It’s mainly up to Windows updates, and receiving your own OS to version 1909 ought to help. If not, then you are going to need to contact service or wait it out.


Privilege error — online play restrictedWe have heard reports frmo individuals saying they can not play online, as they keep getting a privilege error message, saying their online play is restricted.

We’re going to keep monitoring the circumstance, and we’ll update this manual with any new advice we find. Stay tuned.

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