Unable to Verify Game Ownership Error in Minecraft Dungeons


Unable to Verify Game Ownership Error in Minecraft DungeonsMinecraft Dungeons Unable to Confirm Game Ownership

Regrettably, there is no remedy for this error yet. The fantastic news is that it’s not you — you did nothing wrong. Even better news is that the programmers at Mojang are mindful of it, and are working on a fix. They say they are already seeing a number of people who experienced it’s managed to enter the game, so it’s probably going to be fixed soon.

After you have managed to get into the game, you may have other questions. There’s a good deal of things in the game, and much of it isn’t explained in the clearest way. We have prepared for this by writing a bunch of guides about various aspects of the game. We’ve written about playing co-op multiplayer, getting the Hero Edition exclusive things , locating the Creepy Crypt secret grade , and we have made detailed lists of all of the artifacts, weapons and armor it is possible to see in the game, their impacts and places in which you ought to search for them.

We’re going to continue playing, and we’ll update this and the rest of the guides with any new info which may pop up.

Hero Edition Pass items in Minecraft Dungeons are bonus things which you can get for buying the particular edition of the game and includes a cape and a pet . The question a lot of people have been asking is how to get their Hero Pass chicken Pet and cape, and, furthermore, where to find them. So, in our own How to Get Hero Edition Items — Cape & Chicken Pet at Minecraft Dungeons guide, we’re gonna explain all you need to know.


How to Access Hero Edition Items — Cape & Chicken Pet at Minecraft DungeonsHero Edition Things — How to Get Minecraft Dungeons Cape & Chicken Pet?

To get your Hero Edition items from Minecraft Dungeons, and the cape and the chicken furry friend, you first must set up the Hero Pass content. On PC, you can do this by going into the Microsoft Store app. Click on”…” at the top right corner, then on updates and Downloads. Then click Ready to Install from the sidebar on the leftside. The Hero Pass should be among the, so download and install it. You may have to restart the game later.

If you’re playing on Xbox, hit the Guide button and head into My games & apps. Select Seseesll, then find Minecraft Dungeons. Once More, enter Ready to Install and find the Hero Pass. Download and install this, and you ought to be okay. You may want to restart the game, though, just like on PC.

As soon as you’ve the Hero Pass downloaded, it is time to seek out your cape and chicken pet in the sport. That, at least, is fairly easy. Simply enter your inventory and search under the Cosmetics tab. Refer to the image above to determine where to find it. Right there, you will discover both your cape and your furry friend baby chicken.

That is about it if it comes to finding your Hero Edition items in Minecraft Dungeons. We have also written other guides for your game, and you might find these useful.

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