Minecraft Dungeons Emerald Farming Best Locations


Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons are a form of currency which you use to exchange with the likes of this Blacksmith and Wandering Trader for random weapons, artifacts, or even armor. That being the case, gamers are wondering how and where to best farm emeralds, to raise their chances of becoming unique weapons and other trendy items.

Minecraft Dungeons Emerald Farming Best LocationsWhere to Farm Emeralds at Minecraft Dungeons?

Namely, they’re Creeper Woods, Pumpkin Pastures, and Soggy Swamp. They have a fantastic balance of struggle or reward. The Desert Temple may also do the job nicely. That’s up to the typical levels go; if, however, you spend a little extra effort, it is possible to unlock Creepy Crypt. This secret assignment is a fantastic spot to farm emeralds, since it isn’t overly long, and the enemies aren’t too tough.


To best farm emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons, there are several things you can do. For starters, there is the Prospector melee enchantment and Last Laugh and Diamond Pickaxe exceptional weapons, which will make the task a little easier. This way, you can cleave through enemies faster. While we’re on the subject, be sure that you open every single torso and vase which you may. Last, but certainly not least: go as large in issue tier as you find manageable.

In case you have any other tips for emerald farming in Minecraft Dungeons, talk about them with us in the comments. And, in case you’re having difficulty with anything else in the game, let me divert you to our other guides.

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