Mario Kart 9 Release Date: Latest news and rumours

Mario Kart 9 Release Date: Latest news and rumours

Mario Kart 9 Release Date: Latest news and rumours

Mario Kart 9 Release Date: Latest news and rumours

M Mario Kart 9 will be the next instalment in the Mario Kart Series. This will be the first exclusive Mario Kart Switch game. It’s also the first Mario Kart-specific game for Switch. It’ll be the 16th instalment in the overall series and the tenth in the main series. We already know a lot about the game, according to rumours and leaks. These rumours are not to be taken lightly.

There are new features that make Mario Kart games stand out from the rest. Mario Kart 9 is no different.

New mechanics in Mario Kart 9

We know of two new mechanics in this game.

  • Water Ski Mechanic allows skiers to race on water surfaces or other liquids. We will likely see water-based tracks.
  • Time Flow Mechanism: This mechanic allows racers to slow down the time and objects around them, making navigation and movement simpler. You can also dodge objects thrown at you, narrowing the gap between obstacles and items.

It will be compatible with Amiibos, just like Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 9 release date

Mario Kart 9 is believed to be coming to Switch at the end of 2021. Despite this, it’s still mid-November, and we have not yet heard anything concrete. I am now unsure if we will see a 2021 release.

All Mario Kart 9 racers

There are 67 characters in total, including DLC. Twelve from the start, fifty-six unlockable, ten DLC and twenty-five new ones. You can unlock unlockable characters by winning a Grand Prix race, just like in Mario Kart8. Some of these characters can also be obtained by using Amiibos.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
Toad Yoshi Wario Waluigi
Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Donkey Kong Bowser
Rosalina Boswer Jr. Diddy Kong Funky Kong
Dixie Kong Birdo Boom Boom Pom Pom
Luma Spike Lakitu Toadette
Nabbit Dry Bowser Captain Toad Metal Mario
Metal Luigi Pink Gold Peach Cappy Tiara
Trooper Harriet Rango Madame Brooke
Pauline Stewart Peachette Google
Ludwig Von Koopa Lemmy Koopa Ray Koopa Iggy Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa Morton Koopa Jr. Larry Koopa Baby Mario
Baby Luigi Baby peach Baby Daisy Baby Rosalina
Hammer Bro. Magikoopa King Boo Petey Piranha
Paratroopa Dry Bones Wiggler Monty Mole
Chain Chomp Honey Queen King Bob-Omb Meowser

DLC characters

Inkling Boy Inkling Girl
Mega Man R.O.B
Sonic Pac-Man
Karate Joe Link
Sora Rya
Mario Kart 9 Release Date: Latest news and rumours
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