Faze ZooMaa says Halo Infinite Embarrassed Duty

Faze ZooMaa says Halo Infinite Embarrassed Duty

Faze ZooMaa says Halo Infinite Embarrassed Duty

Many Halo Infinite enthusiasts now know that Call of Duty didn’t expect a large release from 343 Industries. Vanguard tried to win over fans tired of hackers and not being heard, but it failed. Halo Infinite has been the talk of the town, with many people raving about it and pointing out how awful Vanguard has been since its release.

FormaL and other critics have expressed disgust at Call of Duty Vanguard, while pros have praised Halo Infinite. Is Halo Infinite a shame for Call of Duty? FaZe ZooMaa believes so.


Halo Infinite wins over Call of Duty

Let’s begin with this quote from ZooMaa

“Halo embarrassed CoD. It is what it IS. You all know me. I don’t mean to disrespect any developers or anyone over there. It’s embarrassing for you guys, Halo. It was embarrassing.

It’s not an easy hit, but it is certainly not undeserved. Call of Duty has taken their top slot for granted, allowing their game to be infested by hackers.

Esports Talk is a great site that shows every pro who has ever been caught talking Call of Duty.

Halo’s return was a joy, but the launch still makes me smile. It’s impossible to predict what might happen.

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